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28 June 2016, 06:53:30
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Circular No. : GS/2016/ELC/1 Dated : 13th June, 2016


We advise that the Executive Committee of the Association at its meeting held on 13th June 2016, at New Delhi decided to hold the next triennial elections for the Executive Committee comprising of Circle Office Bearers, 9 Module Committees and other members of Executive Committee, details of which will appear in the election notification to be issued by the Chairman, Election Committee separately. In terms of Bye law 37, Following are the members of Election Committee appointed by the Executive Committee at the above meeting : -

[1] Sh. Rajesh Jethi Chairman
Manager, New Delhi Main Branch
[2] Sh. Rajiv Talwar Vice Chairman
Dy. Manager,Rg- 4 DAO 1 New Delhi
[3] Sh. Nagendar Member
Manager, DAO- II
[4] Sh.Mahesh Chand Ruhela Member
Dy. Manager, CCPC- CTS,
[5] Sh. Amrik Singh Member
Dy. Manager, IFB, New Delhi
[6] Sh. .Sureshandh C Gupta Member
Dy. Manager, DAO- I New Delhi
[7] Smt. Rita Khosla Member
Dy. Manager, RBO-1, DAO-2
[8] Sh. Kedar Singh Nayal Member
Dy. Manager, PBB New Delhi
[9] Sh. Rajesh Gupta Member
Dy. Manager, CCPC- CTS,

All those members who have paid their subscription upto May 2016, are eligible to contest the elections and cast their votes except those who may have been dismissed / removed / terminated whose name do not figure in the voter lists. Nominations will be invited by the election committee accordingly and election schedule will be circulated by the Chairman of the Election Committee.

With Greeting, ( RAVINDER GUPTA)

Circular No. : GS/2016/ELC/3 Dated : 13th June, 2016


We advise that the Executive Committee at its meeting held at New Delhi on the 13 June 2016, while constituting an Election Committee for the purpose of conducting the organisational elections, had also constituted an Election Tribunal in terms of Bye-law 57(iii) comprising of the following members :-

  1. Sh. Satish Kumar, AGM(Ansari Nagar), New Delhi
  2. Sh..R.K. Malik, Chief Manager, CCPC, New Delhi.
  3. Sh. A.K. Gupta, Dy. Manager, P&E Deptt., New Delhi LHO.

The Election Tribunal will hear the dispute(s) relating to elections after the results are announced and shall dispose of the dispute(s) within 90 days from the receipt of the dispute(s) or declaration of the results, whichever is later [as per Bye laws no. 57 (iv)].

For information of all concerned, we also hereby reproduce below Bye-Law 57 of our Constitution :-

("57" Election Dispute/Grievance Redressal Machinery)

[i] No member shall in any manners stall the election process or institute legal proceedings against the Election Committee during the course of the elections.

[ii] The disputes in regard to the Election process by any member of the Association will have to be raised before an 'Election Tribunal after completion of election process and declaration of results;

[iii] The independent Election Tribunal consisting of three members, other than the members of Election Committee, shall be constituted by the Executive Committee simultaneously with the appointment of Election Committee or after declaration of results to hear dispute, if any.

[iv] The Election Tribunal will dispose of the complaints/petitions within 90 days from the receipt thereof.

[v] Any member of the Association approaching the court before exhausting the remedy available in the bye-laws shall be liable for disciplinary action including expulsion from the membership of the Association.

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