Circular No. 12                                                                                              24th March 2012






         After 8th bipartite salary settlement, the Federation was successful in improving the fitment formula for promotion from clerical cadre to JMGS – I, w.e.f 01.11.2002, with an element of personal allowance of Rs. 560/- p.m.


2.      The relative e-circular No.CDO/IR/HRD-IR/65/2006-07 dated 07.02.2007 also contained the protection to those officers promoted earlier under ‘inter-se’ anomaly clause in para 10 of the said e-circular.


3.      There was a doubt in certain quarters regarding eligibility of the officers who were promoted to JMGS–I prior to 01.11.2002 for protection of personal allowance of Rs. 560/- p.m. The Federation took up the issue with the Corporate Centre for appropriate clarification.


4.      We are glad that, Corporate Centre vide its letter No. CDO/IR/SPL/610 dated 17.03.2012, has issued clarifications to CGMs of all Circles & Corporate Centre establishments as under:


            “We clarify, that the said provision will be applicable even in case of an officer who has been promoted prior to 01.11.2002, provided there exist inter-se anomaly in comparison with another officer, comparable with him but who has been promoted on or after 01.11.2002, and drawing the said personal allowance of Rs. 560/- p.m. No such payment will, however, be made for the period prior to 01.11.2002.”



5.      Therefore, eligible officers under inter-se anomaly may claim the personal allowance from their respective controllers.



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(T. N. GOEL)